Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Thrifty Finds

More Thrifty Finds

So, yesterday I linked up to the The Nester's Yard Sale Linky Party, and that got me thinking about the other great pieces in my home that came from thrifty outlets.
Lets take a tour!

This is my dining room wall...
Just as the big gray letters denote, its kind of a hodge podge of things.

I have my own version of this painting:

My first half marathon and full marathon race numbers, fabric in emrbroidery hoops, a yellow clock set at 11:11(kiss the clock and make a wish!), a fan from my trip to Mexico, a "Happy Birthday Brandi" poster from my 25th Birthday, random art, and this cute little tile I found from Goodwill. 

On my dining room table is this platter on which I put a vase with some random flower-type-glitter-things.

My bedroom is home to these two Estate Sale votive holders, a LIFE book titled "DRUGS" and a frilly picture frame from Goodwill, an Estate Sale flower lamp(which I've spotten in a scene from Look Who's Talking, go to 2:08) and a fantastically patterned pillowcase which matches nothing else, but oh, how it makes my heart smile.  Love the greek key, the gold dot and the coral and turquoise accents. I think I've found my own labor pillow a la Sherry from Young House Love...not that I'm doing that any time soon...but I saw the idea and it stuck.   

My living room is also a treasury of thrifty finds.
On my lime green side table, I have some pretty books and a ceramic owl.

My coffee table has a handmade scalloped bowl, a crystal candle holder, a piggy bank, and plenty of dust. 

On my loveseat is an Estate Sale blanket(which I've washed many times and still smells like "old-people") and behind it is a piece of art I made from felt squares.  Oh, and a weird Cocker Spaniel scratching his back on the sofa cushions.  No room is complete without that.

I'm sure there are more thrifty things in my home, but these are the ones that stick out the most in my mind and that I have a picture of handy.  I hope you've enjoyed seeming a glimpse of my little 1100 square feet!


syllatham said...

Love all of your finds...and your house is too cute!

Brandi said...

Thanks Sylvia, and thanks for following!

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