Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love Going to the Dentist!

I Love Going to the Dentist!

Wanna know a secret?
Its pretty juicy!
I hadn't been to the dentist since 2006 until last week.
A.) I hate hate hated my dentist growing up.  His office was dark and stuck in 1968 with no windows and he had a pretty unpleasant attitude. After I moved away from home in college, I didn't go see him again.
B.) I didn't have dental insurance until my coworker convinced me to sign up in April, and it became effective June first.
Now, the dental insurance I have gave me about twelve choices for dentists, and most were in not so great parts of town or were far away from my house.  I chose my dentist based on the fact that he had a website.  
No other reason.
It made me feel like I knew something about them before I went.
Hear that medical professionals?
Get a website!
So, I made my appointment with Dr. Roussel for June ninth.

I was crazy nervous because I had such bad expectations, but nothing about this place was scary.  Dr. Roussel was personable and realistic and Jenna, the dental hygienist was amazing!
Oh, and there was a huge window in the room where all the procedures are done so I didn't have to stare at a wall.  Yay!  Squirrels!  I was also impressed that they took "before" pictures with a camera, to supplement the x-rays so that there would be more proof if insurance didn't want to pay.  Turns out what I needed isn't covered before a 12 month waiting period, but still...great forethought. 
Of course, I needed more than a routine cleaning since I hadn't been since forever ago, so I went back on June 16th for a debridement. 
In case you're wondering, here's what I wore:

Its about 100 degrees all the time during Louisiana Summers, but I knew I would be sitting in a cold office for an hour or so and then coming straight home, so I took this as an opportunity to wear one of my favorite navy striped 3/4 length shirts with white shorts and a neon headband. 
Oh, and my friend has the same dental problem as I do, and told me that before she had her debridement done, that she was given some Zanax or somthing, then given a shot in the mouth so she would be out of it and not feel it.   Needless to say, I was worried. 
Anyways, so this procedure was done by Jenna.  She told me that if I felt sensitive, to let her know and she would give me a shot to numb my mouth, and then asked me how I was doing every so often.  Sure, it didn't feel great, but it wasn't bad either.  I was expecting much worse!  She worked for 45 minutes with a motorized scrapey tool and 15 minutes with a hand scrapey tool(which sounds worse than the motorized one) and my teeth look about three shades whiter and feel so much better!
When Jenna was walking me to the front to pay, Dr. Roussel saw me from another room and told me that he wanted to see me and not to leave.  When he came to see how Jenna did, I said, "Look!  I have better teeth!" and I then realized how happy I was about my new smile and how both he and Jenna seemed very pleased.  She said she had been looking foreward to this for a week.  I was given instructions to be sure to floss every day(and I have been!) so that my gums are healthy for the scaling and polishing in July. 
Anyway, the point of this crazy long and detailed post about going to the dentist, is to say how everyone at that office has changed my perception.  I can't recommend them enough and if you happen to want a dentist in Baton Rouge, tell them I recommended you and both of us get $50.00 off!
Go Dental Hygiene!

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