Monday, June 13, 2011

Coral Surprise

Coral Surprise

Its no surprise that I like coral.  Its a hot trendy color and I must say that I'm smitten.  I bought some coral shorts for the summer and have had this door in my inspiration file for quite some time.
Like. Years.
Since pre-condo-I'm-still-renting-a-kinda-crappy-1-bedroom-apartment days.


I purchased this coral glossy paint when I saw it in the Oops-bin at Lowes within my first month of homeownership
(PS- My homeowner's anniversary is coming up in August!) with full intention to paint my back patio outside door this color.

That never happened.
This paint stayed hidden in the depths of my utility closet until this Saturday when I was feeling unmotivated and wanted a little something to do.

Well, single ladies can also have a splash of coral.
Like my old nightstand, the interior of my dresser drawers was painted the same pale apple green.

Let me tell ya.
I'm over this green.
And I needed a project.
So, these two got to meet.

Well, my laziness got the best of me, and I only painted one drawer. 
But at least I did two coats, right?

And now, when I go to pick out my pajamas, I have a little coral surprise!

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