Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Can I Rent A Love Doctor?"

"Can I Rent A Love Doctor?"

As we all know, I dearly love my two bears...but sometimes Sasha is a little difficult to deal with.
She was a puppy mill dog who was not given much human contact before she found herself at the local pound and then at my house...and sometimes when new people come around, she gets scared, starts shaking and pees on the carpet...or the sofa if she happens to be there.  I will giver she and Beau props for being 98% housetrained though.   

I figured I would rent a Rug Doctor from a grocery store, and although I hate Hi Nabor(a small local grocery store who is not coupon friendly, too expensive and not staffed with helpful people), it was the closest place to me to rent one.  They were also more expensive than every other place in town, so I went to the Rug Doctor's website and printed a $5.00 off rental coupon and was surprised when they let me use it.

While the lady was filling out the rental paperwork, there was a five minute conversation between the her, the cashier and another guy about how one thought I said, "love doctor".
Yes, I would love to rent a love doctor.
Just not from Hi Nabor.
Maybe one bright eyes and nice teeth.
I digress.

So, I rolled this cumbersome machine out to my car with the help of my friend Julie who decided to join me on this adventure, maneuvered it into my trunk and brought it home.

After I moved my coffee table off of my flowerdy rug I decided I would also wash one of the covers to my sofa cushions too, just to make sure all the funky smells were gone.  Just one because, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't mess it up.  Not that it matters all that much, because I usually have a slipcover on my sofa after stupid me bought a preppy colored striped sofa which matches nothing in my house(oh and because its easier to clean than upholstered furniture).  I didn't even find any money in the cushions.  All I found was Arnica Muscle Pain Relief Gel that I lost three months ago. 

I push push pushed the Rug Doctor around my area rug using a solution I eyeballed of laundry detergent and hot water for about thirty minutes.  I didn't buy the cleaner but it probaly would've worked better if I had but I was being cheap and the people at Hi Nabor weren't being helpful. 

I had to refill the jug thing twice and let me tell you...it was pretty gross.  There was a lot of dirt in my 5 x 8 rug from overstock.com

It was still wet last night, so in this picture, it appears darker than it really is.
I can say that the Rug Doctor worked pretty well for being $20.00.  Next time I would buy the cleaner to make sure it does a great job, but most stains were removed and when I walked on it this morning, it felt softer too.
So, Sasha...lets make a deal.  You try to keep the rug clean for another year or two and I'll try to do something about that phone jack thats been uncovered for two years.   

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