Saturday, May 21, 2011

"What Have You Done To This Place?"

"What Have You Done To This Place?"

Hello again!
Sorry, I've been gone.
Blogger was down last week, and then I went on a
little mini-vacation with my Mama Bear.
More about that later.

As you all have probably heard, the Mississippi River is much higher than its been in a long while.  Further upriver there has been some pretty destructive flooding and worries of high water have reached Louisiana.
Especially my office.
We house historical documents from the early 1800's to present such as maps, letters, patents, and various other specialized documentation concerning the severence of land in my lovely state. 
We're also in the basement of a building close to the Mississppi River in Baton Rouge and underneath the cafeteria's dishwashers and sinks.
Someone wasn't thinking when they put us down here.
Water + 200 year-old-paper = Bad News Bears.
No matter, this is where we are and we have to deal with the possibility of flooding.
By deal with, I mean move everything off of the bottom shelves and create total disorder.

Maps taken out of special map-cabinets and piled on top of each other.

Plats strewn across every flat surface to get them out of the plat drawers.

Bottom shelves cleared.
PS- If my office ever decides to get rid of those blue books on the top shelf, they're mine.  My crappy camer doesn't do justice to this pretty aquamarine set. 

The bottom drawers of our special plat cabinets had to be moved to the second floor.
Might I add, they are 80 years old, steel, and crazy heavy and when the bottom row is removed, they become top-heavy with a tendancy to fall over.


We have many irregular/huge books on our shelves, so we had to move all the awkward sized ones to another set of shelves.  Ugh.  This will be a pain to put back up.

Most of us have a lot of extra files taking up space on our desk.
Not everyone.
Get with the program!

We brought in cinder blocks to elevate some of our plotters and copiers.  They remind me of my college dorm.

I can't reach the copier without a step.

This is a photo of the River from the 7th Floor of my building after it crested.  

Casino Parking Lot 

We are all hoping for no water, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been flooded.

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