Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

Guess what I am!

Hello Dears!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
I love to go thrifting and find cool house stuff, and sometimes clothing, but I don't usually go shopping without a coupon in hand and an idea of what I want,
but this Saturday was different.
I've been on a search for new shorts for about a month. 
All my shorts from last year don't fit anymore because I've gained some muscle in my quads, and having my legs feel like a sausage is not my idea of fun, and I figure I should do a favor to society and just find some new shorts. 
Usually, Old Navy is my go-to.
I have a coupons, and a store credit card which earns points, but this year they only had some with a little cuff thing(no thanks...I don't want more attention on my thighs) and some linen ones which were not attractive on me.
About 30 minutes down the road, we have an outlet mall with an Old Navy Outlet.
Or so I thought.
Its really just an Old Navy with a FEW tables of "outlet specials!".
No luck there.
I then went to the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet because I once had some A-Door-A-Bull pink shorts from there which sadly left me once I lost weight. Oh, and some blue ones...and some more blue ones...and my friend Meghan had green ones...
but I tried those on and looked like a soccer mom.
No thanks, again.
Then, I walked by the Banana Republic Outlet.
Normally, everyone else finds great things at Banana and I go in and never see anything that strikes me.
This time, I found the shorts of my dreams, for the affordable price of...

So, they look a little bright here, but the picture below is a little more accurate.
Coral Shorts with cute button details!
Be still my heart!

I also bought them in grey, because, well, I love grey.

You'll notice that fabulous necklace too which goes great with my new grey shorts.  Thank you Charming CHARLIE.

And right next to this adorable necklace was this wonderfully obnoxious bracelet.

Quite a pair, don't you think?

You see, I had a Kentucky Derby party to attend that afternoon, and I hadn't bought a new hat or dress, so I thought I would draw everyone's attention to my obnoxious jewelry instead.   

The horse I "picked" didn't win (number 5, if you're wondering) and
I had one cup of Bourbon-Slush and was almost drunk, but luckily Julie's beer cheese was there to help soak up the alcohol(yum!).
We spent a couple of hours outside talking, and I have about 50 mosquito bites to prove it, but I had a lot of fun and I'm really happy I have a neighbor from Kentucky to do all of these fun things with.
Oh, and she picked the right horse.
Not Suprised.


Courtney said...

Yay, coral shorts!

brittni said...

Those shorts are so cute! I love the color. I need to grab a pair of pants/shorts for spring/summer in that color!

Brittni @ With Love From Michigan

Brandi said...

Thanks Brittni! Its been shorts weather down here for 3 months already. Ugh, high of 92 today!

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