Friday, May 27, 2011

Rekindled Romance with an Eleven-Year-Old

Rekindled Romance with an Eleven-Year-Old

  • 2:54 pm
  • "My friend assures me, it's all or nothing".
  • Another long weekend.
  • That means another short week!
  • I've decided Mitzy is too good to give up. 
  • No major problems in all the time I've had her.
  • She's eleven.
  • She's getting new tires next week.
  •  I've never read so much about tires as I did yesterday.
  • I'm a tire expert.
  • And I might be falling in love with her again.
  • So, she might get a bath on Monday.
  • Beauregard needs to get in on that too.
  • Yuck! Smelly Spaniel.
  • I keep forgetting my neighbor's wedding is next Saturday.
  • They are getting rid of their puppy.
  • Ace will be happy.
  • At least they have cushy new carpet?
  • Can't wait to get off work.
  • Going to the mall.
  • Need: dress, top, recital gift.
  • I hate shopping when I have an agenda.
  • Looking forward to a low key weekend.
  • Quiet. Sleep Late. Relax.
  • Perfectly happy right now.
  • Perfectly perfectly happy.
  • Stay this way.
  • 3:18 pm

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