Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mini Vacation, Part 1

Mini Vacation, Part 1

The road to St. Louis is not an interesting one.
My vacation began by waking up at an ungodly hour to meet my mother at her home about 45 minutes away.
After that, we picked up McDonalds breakfast and drove drove drove up I-55. 
Two state capitols in one day!
1. Baton Rouge
2. Jackson
I spared everyone my Johnny Cash rendition.
Before we knew it, we were at the Mississippi/Tennessee state line.

Nothing screams, "Welcome to Tennessee, Y'all"
like a marker reminiscent of a tombstone.

Except maybe a pyramid made out of bagpipes.
I still got to say, "You're the only ten I see".

A little further into Tennessee we witnessed some flooding in the Memphis area.

Then we drove and drove and drove to Arkansas.
What can you spot that is wrong with this picture?

Keep looking.
No, its not Bill.

We drove and drove and drove some more, and suddenly, we were in Missouri.
It absolutly snuck up on us.
I should've known we were close by all the open country we saw.

Then we stopped at a kind of shoddy welcome center about 15 miles into the state.
They were building a new one on the other side of the I-55, so I can't blame them for having such a minimal welcome center.

Can you tell how excited I was?
Can you tell that it was 75 degrees when I left home, and it was now 54 degrees and windy?
I'm a southern creature and 54 degrees might as well have been 34.

Near Matthews, Missouri we saw more floodwaters, some even overtopping sandbags and seeping onto the interstate.

And then it started raining.
The wide-open-ness of the landscape made me feel like I was in Twister.
I was expecting Helen Hunt and the other guy to come tearing across the interstate in a jeep with a tornado and a flying cow close behind.  
Luckilly, I did not see this.

The St. Louis Metro Area came about in the way of suburbs and fast food chains. 
I guess I was expecting something more interesting.
I shouldn't have, since we wouldn't go downtown until Monday. 
Either way, I was excited to see our Hampton Inn.
Finally, after being on the road for almost 10 hours, we could stop driving, dry off(from getting a little bit rained on bringing our luggage in) and relax.
Relax, meaning work out.
Exercise feels fantastic after being stuck in a car all day.
Even if its only an elliptical with the Food Network on the television.
Did I mention cable TV was something I was looking foreward to? 
It was.

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