Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Don't Ask For Grits"

"Don't Go To St. Louis & Ask for Grits"

They won't know what you're talking about.
These were the only words of advice that I received before I went up north.
I took it to heart and did not ask for grits.
Not that I really like grits.
I'm more of an oatmeal kinda girl.
Oats & Green Tea.
Thats my usual breakfast.
Today I had strawberry cake & green tea.
Fruit = healthy, right?
My second day in Missouri, my mother had some work to do, so she took the car, and I took this as an opportunity to be lazy.
It rained all day, so I'm a little happy that I was able to just be inside and relax.
  • I had hotel breakfast: Froot Loops(first ingredient = sugar...thus I only have them once or twice a year), banana, biscuit, eggs. 
  • Then I took a nap until 1:30 pm.
  • Worked out again to the Food Network.
  • Took a shower with some fancy Aveda bodywash, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Made a cup of coffee then went downstairs to enjoy it next to the door with a copy of Runners World while wearing my favorite long sleeve t-shirt and my "I-have-a-big-ass" pants.
  • Went back upstairs and put some CD's on my laptop.
  • Researched thrifting in St. Louis.
And then my Mom came back, and I was starving.
She was tired, so we decided to walk out the back door to the resturaunt next door, Syberg's.

It was a nice-ish place.  Mom was hungry and suggested we get an appetizer, so we ordered the spinach-artichoke dip.  I mostly tried to pick out all the artichokes and eat them.  I'm not a fan of multicolored chips(no reason for extra dye, if you ask me) and it was kinda greasy.

On the menu was Shark Tacos in the famous Syberg's sauce.

St. Louis isn't known for shark either.
However, everything else on the menu was pretty standard, so I decided to venture out.  After I was told they were out of garlic potatos, so I substituted a baked potato, this is what I got:

There's not much shark in there!
The tortillas were not warmed, there was too much sauce, which tasted sort of like Thousand Island Dressing to me, and the baked potato was mediocre at best.  The brocolli was not overcooked(plus!), what little shark that was there was good, and our waitress was phenomenal.

My mom had a chicken sandwich.

Pretty standard grilled chicken, crinkle cut fries, fixings on the side.  I didn't ask her what she thought of it...but she didn't rave like she did about the Barbecue Chicken at Bandana's Barbecue the night before.

Not a fancy place AT ALL.(It used to be a Shoney's...are there any Shoney's still open?)
We came about 20 minues prior to closing time, but still the staff was pleasant. 
I had the pulled pork/brisket sandwhich which was fantastic, and yummy baked beans.  Too bad, no picture.  We were exhausted and needed food too badly to stop and take a picture.  Our waitress there was also phenomenal!  She was friendly, gave us tips and asked about our hometowns. 
Oh, and the food was much better. 
Two days of St. Louis food and we're batting 50/50. 

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