Friday, May 27, 2011

Rekindled Romance with an Eleven-Year-Old

Rekindled Romance with an Eleven-Year-Old

  • 2:54 pm
  • "My friend assures me, it's all or nothing".
  • Another long weekend.
  • That means another short week!
  • I've decided Mitzy is too good to give up. 
  • No major problems in all the time I've had her.
  • She's eleven.
  • She's getting new tires next week.
  •  I've never read so much about tires as I did yesterday.
  • I'm a tire expert.
  • And I might be falling in love with her again.
  • So, she might get a bath on Monday.
  • Beauregard needs to get in on that too.
  • Yuck! Smelly Spaniel.
  • I keep forgetting my neighbor's wedding is next Saturday.
  • They are getting rid of their puppy.
  • Ace will be happy.
  • At least they have cushy new carpet?
  • Can't wait to get off work.
  • Going to the mall.
  • Need: dress, top, recital gift.
  • I hate shopping when I have an agenda.
  • Looking forward to a low key weekend.
  • Quiet. Sleep Late. Relax.
  • Perfectly happy right now.
  • Perfectly perfectly happy.
  • Stay this way.
  • 3:18 pm

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Don't Ask For Grits"

"Don't Go To St. Louis & Ask for Grits"

They won't know what you're talking about.
These were the only words of advice that I received before I went up north.
I took it to heart and did not ask for grits.
Not that I really like grits.
I'm more of an oatmeal kinda girl.
Oats & Green Tea.
Thats my usual breakfast.
Today I had strawberry cake & green tea.
Fruit = healthy, right?
My second day in Missouri, my mother had some work to do, so she took the car, and I took this as an opportunity to be lazy.
It rained all day, so I'm a little happy that I was able to just be inside and relax.
  • I had hotel breakfast: Froot Loops(first ingredient = sugar...thus I only have them once or twice a year), banana, biscuit, eggs. 
  • Then I took a nap until 1:30 pm.
  • Worked out again to the Food Network.
  • Took a shower with some fancy Aveda bodywash, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Made a cup of coffee then went downstairs to enjoy it next to the door with a copy of Runners World while wearing my favorite long sleeve t-shirt and my "I-have-a-big-ass" pants.
  • Went back upstairs and put some CD's on my laptop.
  • Researched thrifting in St. Louis.
And then my Mom came back, and I was starving.
She was tired, so we decided to walk out the back door to the resturaunt next door, Syberg's.

It was a nice-ish place.  Mom was hungry and suggested we get an appetizer, so we ordered the spinach-artichoke dip.  I mostly tried to pick out all the artichokes and eat them.  I'm not a fan of multicolored chips(no reason for extra dye, if you ask me) and it was kinda greasy.

On the menu was Shark Tacos in the famous Syberg's sauce.

St. Louis isn't known for shark either.
However, everything else on the menu was pretty standard, so I decided to venture out.  After I was told they were out of garlic potatos, so I substituted a baked potato, this is what I got:

There's not much shark in there!
The tortillas were not warmed, there was too much sauce, which tasted sort of like Thousand Island Dressing to me, and the baked potato was mediocre at best.  The brocolli was not overcooked(plus!), what little shark that was there was good, and our waitress was phenomenal.

My mom had a chicken sandwich.

Pretty standard grilled chicken, crinkle cut fries, fixings on the side.  I didn't ask her what she thought of it...but she didn't rave like she did about the Barbecue Chicken at Bandana's Barbecue the night before.

Not a fancy place AT ALL.(It used to be a Shoney's...are there any Shoney's still open?)
We came about 20 minues prior to closing time, but still the staff was pleasant. 
I had the pulled pork/brisket sandwhich which was fantastic, and yummy baked beans.  Too bad, no picture.  We were exhausted and needed food too badly to stop and take a picture.  Our waitress there was also phenomenal!  She was friendly, gave us tips and asked about our hometowns. 
Oh, and the food was much better. 
Two days of St. Louis food and we're batting 50/50. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mini Vacation, Part 1

Mini Vacation, Part 1

The road to St. Louis is not an interesting one.
My vacation began by waking up at an ungodly hour to meet my mother at her home about 45 minutes away.
After that, we picked up McDonalds breakfast and drove drove drove up I-55. 
Two state capitols in one day!
1. Baton Rouge
2. Jackson
I spared everyone my Johnny Cash rendition.
Before we knew it, we were at the Mississippi/Tennessee state line.

Nothing screams, "Welcome to Tennessee, Y'all"
like a marker reminiscent of a tombstone.

Except maybe a pyramid made out of bagpipes.
I still got to say, "You're the only ten I see".

A little further into Tennessee we witnessed some flooding in the Memphis area.

Then we drove and drove and drove to Arkansas.
What can you spot that is wrong with this picture?

Keep looking.
No, its not Bill.

We drove and drove and drove some more, and suddenly, we were in Missouri.
It absolutly snuck up on us.
I should've known we were close by all the open country we saw.

Then we stopped at a kind of shoddy welcome center about 15 miles into the state.
They were building a new one on the other side of the I-55, so I can't blame them for having such a minimal welcome center.

Can you tell how excited I was?
Can you tell that it was 75 degrees when I left home, and it was now 54 degrees and windy?
I'm a southern creature and 54 degrees might as well have been 34.

Near Matthews, Missouri we saw more floodwaters, some even overtopping sandbags and seeping onto the interstate.

And then it started raining.
The wide-open-ness of the landscape made me feel like I was in Twister.
I was expecting Helen Hunt and the other guy to come tearing across the interstate in a jeep with a tornado and a flying cow close behind.  
Luckilly, I did not see this.

The St. Louis Metro Area came about in the way of suburbs and fast food chains. 
I guess I was expecting something more interesting.
I shouldn't have, since we wouldn't go downtown until Monday. 
Either way, I was excited to see our Hampton Inn.
Finally, after being on the road for almost 10 hours, we could stop driving, dry off(from getting a little bit rained on bringing our luggage in) and relax.
Relax, meaning work out.
Exercise feels fantastic after being stuck in a car all day.
Even if its only an elliptical with the Food Network on the television.
Did I mention cable TV was something I was looking foreward to? 
It was.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"What Have You Done To This Place?"

"What Have You Done To This Place?"

Hello again!
Sorry, I've been gone.
Blogger was down last week, and then I went on a
little mini-vacation with my Mama Bear.
More about that later.

As you all have probably heard, the Mississippi River is much higher than its been in a long while.  Further upriver there has been some pretty destructive flooding and worries of high water have reached Louisiana.
Especially my office.
We house historical documents from the early 1800's to present such as maps, letters, patents, and various other specialized documentation concerning the severence of land in my lovely state. 
We're also in the basement of a building close to the Mississppi River in Baton Rouge and underneath the cafeteria's dishwashers and sinks.
Someone wasn't thinking when they put us down here.
Water + 200 year-old-paper = Bad News Bears.
No matter, this is where we are and we have to deal with the possibility of flooding.
By deal with, I mean move everything off of the bottom shelves and create total disorder.

Maps taken out of special map-cabinets and piled on top of each other.

Plats strewn across every flat surface to get them out of the plat drawers.

Bottom shelves cleared.
PS- If my office ever decides to get rid of those blue books on the top shelf, they're mine.  My crappy camer doesn't do justice to this pretty aquamarine set. 

The bottom drawers of our special plat cabinets had to be moved to the second floor.
Might I add, they are 80 years old, steel, and crazy heavy and when the bottom row is removed, they become top-heavy with a tendancy to fall over.


We have many irregular/huge books on our shelves, so we had to move all the awkward sized ones to another set of shelves.  Ugh.  This will be a pain to put back up.

Most of us have a lot of extra files taking up space on our desk.
Not everyone.
Get with the program!

We brought in cinder blocks to elevate some of our plotters and copiers.  They remind me of my college dorm.

I can't reach the copier without a step.

This is a photo of the River from the 7th Floor of my building after it crested.  

Casino Parking Lot 

We are all hoping for no water, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been flooded.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Car Sick Dogs & New Car Envy

Car Sick Dogs & New Car Envy

  • 2:04 pm
  • Quiet Friday.
  • Went to Missouri...twasn't too exciting...sorry if you're from Missouri.
  • I sent out postcards on my last day there.
  • I also just sent out a postcard today, from my work.
  • Quiznos for lunch, and now I have onion breath.
  • My favorite gum, Dentyne Ice Vanilla Mint is pretty hard to find. 
  • I still haven't unpacked from my trip.
  • My thoughts are all over the place this afternoon.
  • Gotta paint my upstairs tomorrow.
  • Should give my dogs a bath.
  • Beau gets carsick.
  • I have new car envy...thanks to driving my mom's Altima for 7 hours on Tuesday...then my coworker's wife getting a new Mazda 3 on Thursday.
  • I'm not ready to give up Mitzy...she'll tell me when she's ready to go.
  • I will cry.
  • Her successor will have to have a sunroof. 
  • Required.
  • I don't like many new cars.  I would rather keep my car than have 90% of the new cars I see.
  • I like a little BMW, a little Acura, a little SAAB, an Infinity and a Sentra.
  • Only one of those is in my budget.
  • Anyone have a Nissan Sentra?
  • Mitzy wants a good little sister.
  • I will cry.
  • 2:13 pm

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

Guess what I am!

Hello Dears!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
I love to go thrifting and find cool house stuff, and sometimes clothing, but I don't usually go shopping without a coupon in hand and an idea of what I want,
but this Saturday was different.
I've been on a search for new shorts for about a month. 
All my shorts from last year don't fit anymore because I've gained some muscle in my quads, and having my legs feel like a sausage is not my idea of fun, and I figure I should do a favor to society and just find some new shorts. 
Usually, Old Navy is my go-to.
I have a coupons, and a store credit card which earns points, but this year they only had some with a little cuff thing(no thanks...I don't want more attention on my thighs) and some linen ones which were not attractive on me.
About 30 minutes down the road, we have an outlet mall with an Old Navy Outlet.
Or so I thought.
Its really just an Old Navy with a FEW tables of "outlet specials!".
No luck there.
I then went to the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet because I once had some A-Door-A-Bull pink shorts from there which sadly left me once I lost weight. Oh, and some blue ones...and some more blue ones...and my friend Meghan had green ones...
but I tried those on and looked like a soccer mom.
No thanks, again.
Then, I walked by the Banana Republic Outlet.
Normally, everyone else finds great things at Banana and I go in and never see anything that strikes me.
This time, I found the shorts of my dreams, for the affordable price of...

So, they look a little bright here, but the picture below is a little more accurate.
Coral Shorts with cute button details!
Be still my heart!

I also bought them in grey, because, well, I love grey.

You'll notice that fabulous necklace too which goes great with my new grey shorts.  Thank you Charming CHARLIE.

And right next to this adorable necklace was this wonderfully obnoxious bracelet.

Quite a pair, don't you think?

You see, I had a Kentucky Derby party to attend that afternoon, and I hadn't bought a new hat or dress, so I thought I would draw everyone's attention to my obnoxious jewelry instead.   

The horse I "picked" didn't win (number 5, if you're wondering) and
I had one cup of Bourbon-Slush and was almost drunk, but luckily Julie's beer cheese was there to help soak up the alcohol(yum!).
We spent a couple of hours outside talking, and I have about 50 mosquito bites to prove it, but I had a lot of fun and I'm really happy I have a neighbor from Kentucky to do all of these fun things with.
Oh, and she picked the right horse.
Not Suprised.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Kentucky Derby Is Coming and Cinco De Mayo Just Passed

The Kentucky Derby Is Coming and Cinco De Mayo Just Passed

Clara Bow at the Derby, 1937

  • 2:25 pm
  • Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby and I'm celebrating by going to my neighbor Julie's house to drink some whiskey and eat some foods.
  • I'm in charge of the finger sandwiches.
  • Ordered from a local grocery, Matherne's.
  • Maybe I'll make a bet.
  • I'm good enough at poker to consistently come in second.
  • Mark is good enough to consistently come in first and win the $5.00 pool.
  • I'll be lounging by a pool in exactly 9 days; not an exotic tropical type-pool with cabana boys and sugary-fruity-maui-wowi-type drinks, but rather a Hampton Inn in Missouri pool with a copy of Summer Sisters, Runners World magazine and some Smart Water. 
  • Speaking of pools, I got to pick my favorite nine-year old up from swimming again yesterday.
  • I don't think anyone else has ever made me laugh that much.
  • Cinco de Mayo!
  • Margarita on the Rocks.
  • Milkshakes!
  • I definitely want a child.
  • 2:33 pm

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

Just one of my darling Goodwill treasures that's found a my home...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dogs With Tails

Dogs With Tails

Cocker Spaniels have docked tails.
English Pointers do not.
When pointers wag their tail, their whole butt shakes.
Herbie is not liver, or lemon
(who wouldn't want a lemon pet!?),
but another black and white dog who gets fur all over me when I see him.
He also rolls his eyes at me.
And leans.
Herbie says hello!

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