Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Suprises

Two Surprises 

Good morning, Lovelies.
Normally, my morning routine is pretty uneventul....
Alarm goes off, hit snooze, alarm goes off, get up, get dressed, walk the bears, got to work.
Not really exciting.

However, this morning, I had two surprises when I went outside to walk the bears. 

First, the bad surprise.


Black Moth Caterpillars!

AKA "Black Stingy Caterpillars".

These guys hang out on oak trees(and apparently Rose Bushes too) and can fall out on your head if the wind blows.  Their back is full of prickly things that sting.  A sure sign of spring in southeast Louisiana.

On to the good surprise.
I live in a condo, and we don't have individual trash cans that are picked up.  We have one dumpster for all the residents to use.  Much to my delight, someone had left a wooden table next to the enclosure.

Normally I would secretly curse whomever it was for not putting their trash in the dumpster because the waste management people won't pick it up if its outside, but this time I was ecstatic.  A free sturdy table!

Just the other day, I was thinking that I need either a plant stand or a table for my patio.  Sasha agreed. 
Now she just needs some TLC.

And just for good measure, some photographs which give me some patio inspiration:

 Oh, how my heart pitter-patters for a coral door.

Photo Credit Unknown.
And colorful shutters

Photo Credit Unknown

And general comfy-ness outside.

One day little patio, one day.

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