Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things Beau Didn't Eat

Things Beau Didn't Eat

The First Love of My Life

My darling Beauregard steals my heart.
He was my first love.
I should've known he would be a little bit of trouble when he threw up in my car on our first day together driving from Houston to Baton Rouge.
He's totally worth the trouble he brings.
Most of the time...
He also steals plenty of food when I'm not looking.
Parmesan cheese.
The white pills at the end of a birth control package.
A whole package of butter.
But try as he might,

I didn't let him steal this:

I didn't suddenly inherit a child.
But I did make my favorite 9-year old an Easter Basket...
and not just any Easter Basket full of junky candy...
no, thats not how I roll...
an awesome basket full of wonderful things!

A stained glass art thing.
A map-it word find which is AWE-to-the-SOME.
Instead of a list, it has a map, and you have to find the words on the map.
It even includes Shreveport, LA!

Pencils and sidewalk chalk
You know, for creativity.

Sour Patch Bunnies
Forty Cents and
A Lincoln Dollar Coin.
The tooth fairy has some of those too.

Three books.
Two of which I think are "cool".

And some dental floss!
Also courtesy of the Tooth Fairy.
He's a pushy one, he is.
He's making me go to the dentist in June.

I have to admit,
I had a ton of fun thinking of what to put into the basket and then arranging it.
It was a close call...
But Bubba did  not get any Sour Patch Bunnies or Maps for dinner.

Happy Easter!

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