Friday, April 8, 2011

It Could Be Worse

It Could Be Worse

photo via Stanley Klein Photography

  • 2:08 pm
  • I've had better days than the last two.
  • I've also had worse days.
  • At least I still have a roof over my head.
  • I'm still afraid of the attic.
  • I'm also afraid of leg-less/tail-less geckos.
  • Luckily, my dog Beau, is not...but did he really need to pee on it?
  • think, think, think
  • Listening to Death Cab for Cutie on Pandora.
  • My mom may get to interview the lead singer.
  • "My mom may"...alliteration...that's where its at.
  • My mom and I are also going on vacation to Boston.
  • I would love to stay at the Ames.
  • I would love to go to Greece about now.
  • Lounge about in long dresses with big necklaces and drink wine and lay on the beach.
  • One day.  Just be patient.
  • 2:27 pm

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