Friday, April 22, 2011

If you really hate a plant...

If you really hate a plant...

bring it to my house.

Remember that awesome table I found?
Remember all that patio excitement I had?
Remember how I really wanted a cute outdoor space?
Well, I still want a cute outdoor space, and that table is still outside unpainted, but my enthusiasm has severely dropped.
A week ago, my plants were happy.
And this morning, not so much.

This one little guy is thriving.
Actually, I think this plant is a girl.
She's pretty girly looking.

My little Hydrangea is still kicking.
Maybe because I fertilized her with acid-loving-plant-fertilizer leftover from my failed Gardenia.
Maybe because she is directly underneath the hanging dead petunia basket and gets all the runoff.
Maybe because I neglect her and she's into abusive relationships.
But for whatever reason, this little girl decided to start making me a flower.

Congratulations, Heidi(the Hydrangea)!
You made a baby!
Oh, speaking of babies...the new season of 16 and Pregnant started this week and after the first episode, I am happy that I don't have a needy twin sister.
I'm also happy that no one is
"replacing me with Brian!"

But I do have some Gladiolas making their appearance, right next to the unknown pink flower and my year-round cement ode to the Easter Bunny:

Maybe I'm not a complete gardening reject.
I just need to do some more research.
Clearly, I do best with plants I can forget about.

I'm still trying to save you petunias!
Don't give up yet!

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