Saturday, April 16, 2011

From My Kitchen to Colombia

From My Kitchen to Colombia

When I checked my mailbox the other day, I noticed the usual things...
Entergy Bill,(down by about $50 from last month!)
Old Navy Coupon,(not loving their collection this spring.)
Runners World,(I needed some motivation!)
and the new Anthro catalogue.

However, I had some tilapia in the oven and two bears(Cocker Spaniels) who needed to go potty, so I put my mail down and didn't think about it again.

Then yesterday, I was cleaning up the know...vacuuming up crumbs, cleaning the countertops and putting away dishes, when suddenly the pile of papers on my kitchen counter cought my eye.

Why didn't I put up all this paper clutter before it became paper clutter?"

Then I opened up the glorious-ness that is the Anthro catalogue, and my not-that-clean kitchen became the furthest thing from my mind.

For a moment, I was in the exotic streets of Cartagena.
Which, by the way, reminds me of my History of the Caribbean class from college.

Pretty interesting class.
Should've studied more.

Also, by the way,
I've washed my car twice since I took that class.
That class was in Spring 2008.

The last time was 2 weeks ago.
Yes I wore a bathing suit.
I also wore a swim cover up...
Just to be modest.

My hair may have looked like the girl in the above photograph...
and I may just think its adorable.

Oh Anthropologie,
You've done it again.

note: All images copywrite Anthropologie

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