Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Can I At Least Get A Hug?"

"Can I At Least Get A Hug?"

Good afternoon!
I hope everyone is doing fine.
I had a very good three day weekend last week, mostly consisting of driving around.
I visited my parents about 45 minutes away on Friday morning, and was back to Baton Rouge by 2:00 pm.
I gave the bears a bath and a semi-haircut.

Saturday, I drove down to the city(New Orleans) to meet some friends so that we could then spend our day at the overcast beach that is
Gulfport, Mississippi.

After spending about an hour at the Gulfport Wal-Mart getting about twelve different kinds of snacks, some beer, an ice chest and some underwear and  then eating McDonalds for lunch, we finally arrived at our perfect spot on the shore. 

Baton Rouge was goregous that day.
New Orleans was beautiful.
Gulfport was dreary.
But we stuck it out, sprayed our sunscreen
onto our skin(but mostly into the wind),
and put our feet in the sand.

To pass the time, we listened to music, talked,
and snacked.
We did not feed these guys:
Yes, that is my knee.

But someone fed them,
then they told all their bird friends, cousins, and nephews, 
and the whole thing
felt very Alfred-Hitchcock-The-Birds-esque.
One minute, I'm lost in the book, Summer Sisters with my ipod on learning about the Power,
and the next minute, there is a swarm of seagulls flying over my head making
an immense cloud of ominous doom.
Don't feed the birds!

Since the birds were freaking me out,
I  had to drown my fear with three beers.
After those three beers(and about 2 liters of water),
I had to pee at least seven times.
Normally, I would just go "play in the surf", but Gulfport water is brown and gross, so a real bathroom was a necessity.

Looks nice, no?

The pavillion was a huge selling point for choosing our parking spot.
You would think there would be plenty of bathrooms in there, right?
You would think wrong.
There were two stalls.
And one was out of order.
There were also two or three kids in street clothes who reminded me of Kanye West sitting on the stairs heckling anyone who walked by. 

I did my best to ignore them.
Being heckled makes me feel both fiesty and nervous all at once.
The only phrase I remember hearing was,
"Can I at least get a hug?"
I'm happy they were not talking to me then.
The only positive thing about the pavillion was a semi-good view of the area.

We noticed the patriotic snowball stand right
when we were leaving.
I hear these are called snowcones up north?

We ended our beach time about 4:00 pm and
drove back to the city.
I had dinner from Whole Foods, did not get lost
coming back to Baton Rouge,
and spent the rest of my night relaxing.

Next time, maybe we can go to Ship Island.

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