Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bee's Tree but no Disney Bears

The Bee's Tree but no Disney Bears

Tis a lovely day outside.
Warm and breezy, just like a day at the beach.
Oh, how I would love to be at the beach, but instead I'm at work, and the best remedy for wanting to be at the beach, but being at work, is to go for a refreshing walk during my lunch break. 
A refreshing walk to Smoothie King for for a banana-rific Green Tea Tango smoothie.
A 40 oz.
At first I thought a 40 oz beer would be more refreshing, but then I remembered I have no tolerance for alcohol anymore, and would probably be asleep after about 25 ounces. 
Although a nap would be refreshing too...
Can't nap at work.
Maps before naps.

The walk to Smoothie King is one where I always manage to find something pretty to take a picture of.
Something I've never noticed before, or some new flowers, or some protesters...anything really.
I've said before...
I'm a fan of anything that makes me happy.
Today, these pretty pink flowers make me happy.

I believe that I planted some of these on my patio, but I'm not sure.
I know I planted some petunias on my patio, but these seem a little more alive than mine.

Next up, these concrete markers.  They denote that two president's of LSU once lived in a house where the New State Capitol grounds are. 

James Nicholson
(I once lived on Nicholson Drive)

and Thomas Boyd
(not related to John Boyd, the Louisiana surveyor)

I really don't like how these monuments sort of look like headstones.
Or light fixtures in the ground.

Walking further, I was stopped by a buzz buzz buzzing.

That just reminded me of some lyrics
{God has his hands,
in every stand of trees that offer shade.
You couldn't love me,  
with the buzzing that drove bees away.
Will you be alright as a small-bone by the orange walk?
Will it sink in that you're the best idea I've had all day?}

I discovered this song via Teen Mom.
Don't judge.
Its by A Weather and its called "No Big Hope".

I thought it was just the wind in a tree, but then realized it was a bunch of bees in a tree.
I didn't bother to try to take a picture of the bajillion bees because I knew the camera on my phone wouldn't pick them up, but here is a photograph of the felon tree.

I bet a beekeeper wouldn't mind having all of these.
Or Winnie-the-Pooh.
Well, I'm neither a beekeeper nor a bear who should probably have diabetes from living on honey, so once I realized the magnitude of the buzzing, I got freaked out and left rather quickly to go home(work) to the safety of my windowless cube in an ugly building. 

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