Friday, April 29, 2011

Roads Change Names

Roads Change Names


  • 2:00 pm
  • Some days you feel like bubbles of happiness shield you from everything that isn't just perfect in the world.
  • On still luckier days, you realize that the moment you're in won't ever be recreated and you try and keep that moment forever.
  • Breathe.
  • Pause.
  • Write it down.
  • File it away.
  • Scrapbook.
  • Whatever you have to do to hold on to it.
  • Other days you feel like everything makes you cry.
  • Those moments are worth remembering too.
  • You're only here once.
  • Some things are just better in your memory.
  • I'm specifically talking about Beauty and the Beast.
  • Thats one that should have stayed in my memory as a seven year old. 
  • I'm watching my favorite nine year old on Monday...
  • And keeping my favorite nine year old's grandfather and great-grandfather in my thoughts or prayers or whatever it is that you want to call it when you hope things turn out for the better.
  • Wish upon a star.
  • Pinocchio goes in the Disney Vault tomorrow.
  • Not a humorous post.
  • But really, there's humor in everything in life.
  • Look on the bright side.
  • College.
  • Lee.
  • Brightside.
  • Roads change names here in the EBR.
  • 2:22 pm

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Can I At Least Get A Hug?"

"Can I At Least Get A Hug?"

Good afternoon!
I hope everyone is doing fine.
I had a very good three day weekend last week, mostly consisting of driving around.
I visited my parents about 45 minutes away on Friday morning, and was back to Baton Rouge by 2:00 pm.
I gave the bears a bath and a semi-haircut.

Saturday, I drove down to the city(New Orleans) to meet some friends so that we could then spend our day at the overcast beach that is
Gulfport, Mississippi.

After spending about an hour at the Gulfport Wal-Mart getting about twelve different kinds of snacks, some beer, an ice chest and some underwear and  then eating McDonalds for lunch, we finally arrived at our perfect spot on the shore. 

Baton Rouge was goregous that day.
New Orleans was beautiful.
Gulfport was dreary.
But we stuck it out, sprayed our sunscreen
onto our skin(but mostly into the wind),
and put our feet in the sand.

To pass the time, we listened to music, talked,
and snacked.
We did not feed these guys:
Yes, that is my knee.

But someone fed them,
then they told all their bird friends, cousins, and nephews, 
and the whole thing
felt very Alfred-Hitchcock-The-Birds-esque.
One minute, I'm lost in the book, Summer Sisters with my ipod on learning about the Power,
and the next minute, there is a swarm of seagulls flying over my head making
an immense cloud of ominous doom.
Don't feed the birds!

Since the birds were freaking me out,
I  had to drown my fear with three beers.
After those three beers(and about 2 liters of water),
I had to pee at least seven times.
Normally, I would just go "play in the surf", but Gulfport water is brown and gross, so a real bathroom was a necessity.

Looks nice, no?

The pavillion was a huge selling point for choosing our parking spot.
You would think there would be plenty of bathrooms in there, right?
You would think wrong.
There were two stalls.
And one was out of order.
There were also two or three kids in street clothes who reminded me of Kanye West sitting on the stairs heckling anyone who walked by. 

I did my best to ignore them.
Being heckled makes me feel both fiesty and nervous all at once.
The only phrase I remember hearing was,
"Can I at least get a hug?"
I'm happy they were not talking to me then.
The only positive thing about the pavillion was a semi-good view of the area.

We noticed the patriotic snowball stand right
when we were leaving.
I hear these are called snowcones up north?

We ended our beach time about 4:00 pm and
drove back to the city.
I had dinner from Whole Foods, did not get lost
coming back to Baton Rouge,
and spent the rest of my night relaxing.

Next time, maybe we can go to Ship Island.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hearts Collide And Smash Any Dreams Of Love...

These Girls Fall Like

A.)  There is a ridiculously catchy song by The Big Pink called  Dominos.
B.) Before Beauregard was "Beauregard", he was "Domino" at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas.
C.)I only last week figured out there was a domino on the Domino's pizza logo.
I guess I always thought it was a pizza box and the circles were little pepperonis or something.
You learn something new every day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things Beau Didn't Eat

Things Beau Didn't Eat

The First Love of My Life

My darling Beauregard steals my heart.
He was my first love.
I should've known he would be a little bit of trouble when he threw up in my car on our first day together driving from Houston to Baton Rouge.
He's totally worth the trouble he brings.
Most of the time...
He also steals plenty of food when I'm not looking.
Parmesan cheese.
The white pills at the end of a birth control package.
A whole package of butter.
But try as he might,

I didn't let him steal this:

I didn't suddenly inherit a child.
But I did make my favorite 9-year old an Easter Basket...
and not just any Easter Basket full of junky candy...
no, thats not how I roll...
an awesome basket full of wonderful things!

A stained glass art thing.
A map-it word find which is AWE-to-the-SOME.
Instead of a list, it has a map, and you have to find the words on the map.
It even includes Shreveport, LA!

Pencils and sidewalk chalk
You know, for creativity.

Sour Patch Bunnies
Forty Cents and
A Lincoln Dollar Coin.
The tooth fairy has some of those too.

Three books.
Two of which I think are "cool".

And some dental floss!
Also courtesy of the Tooth Fairy.
He's a pushy one, he is.
He's making me go to the dentist in June.

I have to admit,
I had a ton of fun thinking of what to put into the basket and then arranging it.
It was a close call...
But Bubba did  not get any Sour Patch Bunnies or Maps for dinner.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

If you really hate a plant...

If you really hate a plant...

bring it to my house.

Remember that awesome table I found?
Remember all that patio excitement I had?
Remember how I really wanted a cute outdoor space?
Well, I still want a cute outdoor space, and that table is still outside unpainted, but my enthusiasm has severely dropped.
A week ago, my plants were happy.
And this morning, not so much.

This one little guy is thriving.
Actually, I think this plant is a girl.
She's pretty girly looking.

My little Hydrangea is still kicking.
Maybe because I fertilized her with acid-loving-plant-fertilizer leftover from my failed Gardenia.
Maybe because she is directly underneath the hanging dead petunia basket and gets all the runoff.
Maybe because I neglect her and she's into abusive relationships.
But for whatever reason, this little girl decided to start making me a flower.

Congratulations, Heidi(the Hydrangea)!
You made a baby!
Oh, speaking of babies...the new season of 16 and Pregnant started this week and after the first episode, I am happy that I don't have a needy twin sister.
I'm also happy that no one is
"replacing me with Brian!"

But I do have some Gladiolas making their appearance, right next to the unknown pink flower and my year-round cement ode to the Easter Bunny:

Maybe I'm not a complete gardening reject.
I just need to do some more research.
Clearly, I do best with plants I can forget about.

I'm still trying to save you petunias!
Don't give up yet!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Thoughts on Thursday

Friday Thoughts on Thursday


  • 3:12 pm
  • Could this possibly alter the universe to have Friday thoughts on Thursday?
  • Maybe change the way my life turns out?
  • Who knows?
  • Friday Quiznos lunch on Thursday might affect my run, but I hope not much since I did so great on Tuesday.
  • Thats a lot of talk about days of the week.
  • Three day weekend!!!
  • Visiting my family and going to a new Goodwill tomorrow.
  • I Would rather be at the beach, or on a boat somewhere...but hey, I'm going to the Vacation Capitol of the World.
  • NOT.
  • The Dow Donation is kinda headachey.
  • Pause. 
  • Back.
  • Lost my train of thought.
  • Its time to work, not time to dance.
  • Leaving in T-minus one hour!
  • Helloooooo Weekend!
  • 3:36 pm

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Gift from Linda? Who's Linda?

A Gift from Linda?  Who's Linda?

First of all, please excuse all the blurry photos.  My real camera is on vacation on the Westbank, and my phone only takes good pictures outdoors.

Now, you should know that my dear neighbor, Holly Renea is getting married on June 4! 
That is great because its easy to remember...
like the Fourth of July...
but the Fourth of June...
so her fiance' better not forget their anniversary!

This past Saturday was her bridal shower.  My other neighbor, Julie, and I rode together all the way to Central, past a Dairy Queen, to get to it.

We didn't stop...but we did take note for later.
And for those of you who don't know...Dairy Queens are few and far between in these parts.

Little did we know that there would be a beautiful hand made and decorated cake awaiting us.  What talent!  Excellent job, Lynde!
PS - Sorry if I butchered your name.

Holly's mom also made a great spinach dip(no picture) that I was more than happy to have leftovers of for dinner.
Mrs. Sherry, Holly's mother and Aunt Pam were there causing a ruckus.

And the bridesmaids were there tending the party and pouring mimosas.

Holly had so many pretty gifts.

I never remember to buy a card, so I made an impromptu card from an index card and leftover scrapbook stickers.  Not to sound conceited, but I think its pretty cute!

Normally, I'm not a big fan of bridal showers, and I REALLY do not want to have a shower where I open a bunch of gifts in front of everyone.
I even save gifts from friends til Christmas morning because I don't like being put on the spot.
Hate it!
Holly's shower, however, was nice. 
It seemed intimate in that alot of people already knew each other, and Holly is a pretty relaxed bride. 
So, the usual things happened.
Holly opened gifts and mom took pictures.
What do you know, a coffee maker!

Yes, you have to take a picture with each gift.

And then Holly got to a gift which she didn't recognize the sender.

Who's Linda?
After some thought, she made a comment that "it must have been Mr. < icantrememeber >'s wife.   He just died, so she must just be Linda now."
To which everyone said, "What?  He died?  She still has a last name!"
Then Holly explained that, "No!  They used to sign things 'Mr. and Mrs. < icantrememeber > and now she signs it Mrs. < icantremember >."

Holly also recieved many family heirlooms which her Aunt and Mother had been saving for her wedding. 
Gorgeous pieces which meant a lot to her.
Those kinds of gifts are the sweetest.

Congratulations, Holly!
Your day will be here before you know it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

From My Kitchen to Colombia

From My Kitchen to Colombia

When I checked my mailbox the other day, I noticed the usual things...
Entergy Bill,(down by about $50 from last month!)
Old Navy Coupon,(not loving their collection this spring.)
Runners World,(I needed some motivation!)
and the new Anthro catalogue.

However, I had some tilapia in the oven and two bears(Cocker Spaniels) who needed to go potty, so I put my mail down and didn't think about it again.

Then yesterday, I was cleaning up the know...vacuuming up crumbs, cleaning the countertops and putting away dishes, when suddenly the pile of papers on my kitchen counter cought my eye.

Why didn't I put up all this paper clutter before it became paper clutter?"

Then I opened up the glorious-ness that is the Anthro catalogue, and my not-that-clean kitchen became the furthest thing from my mind.

For a moment, I was in the exotic streets of Cartagena.
Which, by the way, reminds me of my History of the Caribbean class from college.

Pretty interesting class.
Should've studied more.

Also, by the way,
I've washed my car twice since I took that class.
That class was in Spring 2008.

The last time was 2 weeks ago.
Yes I wore a bathing suit.
I also wore a swim cover up...
Just to be modest.

My hair may have looked like the girl in the above photograph...
and I may just think its adorable.

Oh Anthropologie,
You've done it again.

note: All images copywrite Anthropologie

Friday, April 15, 2011

One Thing That Bothers Me and A Few That Don't

One Thing That Bothers Me and A Few That Don't

Photo from April 2011 Anthropologie Catalogue

  • 1:21 pm
  • I have swoopy bangs today,
  • Swoopy bangs, a blue dress, sandals with lots of rock and gem type things on them and a yellow bolero jacket-type thing.
  • I forgot to wear a ring...thats two days this week. :(
  • I'm in love with the color coral.
  • I'm not in love with people who can only mumble when they talk and can't use correct grammar at least some of the time.
  • I might be a victim of mumbling, but usually it would only occur when I'm drunk or sleeping or in a pissy mood.
  • I had a diet coke at lunch and have to pee AGAIN.
  • I'm fairly sure I'm going to be one of those older people with bladder control I best wear all the cute panties I can now...because I won't be able to forever.
  • Speaking of...I have a $10 Victorias Secret gift card for spending $13.00 in March.
  • Maybe I'll put it towards a piece of fancy lingerie for my friend's honeymoon.
  • Its her darling doggy's "birthday"...3 years ago today, they brought him home from the pound!
  • I love a rescue pet just as much as I love fancy lingerie.
  • Love Love Love.
  • Fun Fun Fun, Till Your Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away.
  • 1:37 pm
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