Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yellow Furniture for the Single Ladies

Yellow Furniture for the Single Ladies

Its no big secret that I'm a fan of pretty things.
Flowers, houses, food, wedding stuff...if its pleasing to the eye then I'll look at it for hours upon hours.
A few months ago, while browsing the wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes and came across this photograph which I immediately stored in my "MUST-HAVE-AT-MY-WEDDING" file.

Photo by Stephanie Fay

Yes, I want to get married in a field with a yellow dresser at the end of the alter. 

Months later, I came across this nursery by Erin at Domestic Adventure.

Photo by Domestic Adventure

Photo by Domestic Adventure

Do you see a theme?
Erin mentioned in her nursery reveal post that the star lights above the crib are from her wedding.  I know that I want to reuse as many things from my future wedding as I can in my home and thats when it hit me that I could use said yellow dresser afterwards!
Then I remembered...

I'm a single lady.

A wedding in a field is not in my immediate future, and neither is a baby nursery.

Then it finally hit me. 

Just because I'm a single lady, doesn't mean I should let all those brides and mothers have all the fun with their painted furniture.  I can have my own yellow furniture.
Enter green nightstand.

This little beauty has been mine since high school, and painted green since I inherited her.  She was my mother's growing up, but her aged finish needed some refreshing. 

This weekend, I decided to make my dreams a reality.
No sanding.
No priming.
A little bit of cleaning to get the dust off.
Paint her yellow with some sample paint I had.
Let her dry.
Lawn guys came and interrupted my progress.
Drink a beer.
Sweep grass clippings off.
Paint a second coat.
Lug her back upstairs.
Enjoy the newfound sunshine in my bedroom. 
{ignore the fact that my sheets are
in the washer and there's an ugly cord hanging out because my lamp is on my mattress} 

I also picked up this frame at goodwill, spray painted it white and printed up some song lyrics to go inside.

The candle holders on the bottom shelf are from an estate sale, and the "Drugs" book is also from Goodwill. 

I've been waiting to find a place to display my book on narcotics.
I think its the perfect jolt of spice for a pretty romantic bedroom.

I'm a smitten kitten.

And maybe I'll have some good furniture karma.

You know, like, "If you build it they will come".


Ruthanne said...

Oh my goodness. That yellow night stand. Must have one. Now.

I wonder if my man would let me paint the ones we have in our great room . . . .

Brandi said...

It never hurts to ask!

elaine santana said...

Hey Brandi,

How are you doing? I love your blog!

Would you mind sharing the name of the paint you used? I am considering painting a sewing table.

Thank you!

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