Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yella House!

"Yella House!"
Kind of like, "Punch Buggy!"(VW Beetle)
or "Yella Car!"(Yellow Car)
or "Galant!"(Mitsubishi Galant)
or "Double Corolla!"(two corollas parked next to each other)

Yes, my friends and I will look for any excuse to punch each other in the car.
It keeps everyone paying attention to the road.
Speaking of the road...
I was driving home from running yesterday and I saw this little darling for sale at 612 Moore Street:

Now, I grew up in a yellow house.
Part of me really wants a yellow house after my condo.
An old yellow house.
Not a subdivision.
Its my opinion that houses built pre 1960ish will be around long after houses built now.
If I were on the market, with a larger income, this house would be a top contender! 
In one of my favorite neighborhoods.
Built in 1950.
Approximatly 1,192 square feet.

Some more stats about Ms. Moore :


Not very much bigger than my condo now...but with two full baths rather than my one and an adorable back deck that beats the pants off of my little patio, I could be sold! 

She can be yours for only $206, 900, reduced from $217, 500!
All photos are from from the original MLS listing which can be found here
Listed by CJ Brown Perkins  under Holly Hilderband as the selling agent. 

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brittni said...

That house is cute! I wish I was in the market for buying a house also. Right now it's definitely the buyers market in MI!

p.s. my kids already found out about people eating our "pet" crayfish in the south.. they were more confused than sad haha. I explained that it probably tasted like crab? I'm not sure haha. We're using them for our "life structures" unit because they are one of the only creatures that don't carry and diseases/are fairly easy to take care of.

xx, brittni
@ With Love From Michigan

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