Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Got Punk'd

I Got Punk'd
by the State Library.

I love libraries!
Growing up, my mother would take me to the local library at least once a week.  I would pick out the same books over and over and I'm sure my mom got tired of reading the same stories.  Hardback children's books still hold a place in my heart and in the distant future, I hope to instill a love of the library in my future children.
Or child.
I really only want one.
I might slightly prefer a girl, too.
I digress...

So, in college I was a geography major and a history minor. 
We often had supplementary books to go along with our regular text book, and being the frugal lady I've always been, I would check out as many as I could from the library rather than purchasing them.

My favorite professor was Dr. Colten.
He taught my intro to Geography class, as well as my Louisiana Culture and Geography of the U.S. and Canada classes.
My love of geography started with him.
I even have this on my car:
Cafe Press
Naturally when I was picking out cruise reading material back in June, I wanted plenty of mindless reading, but also something educational.
What do you know,
my favorite professor wrote a book!

purchase me at Amazon
Perilous Place, Powerful Storms: Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana by Craige E. Colten

After my cruise, it was time to return the book.  I put it, as well as some others in the book drop. 

About a week later, I checked my account online.
"1 Item Checked Out".
"Perilous Place, Powerful Storms".
I thought I returned that. 
I thought I returned everything.
I searched around my house with no luck finding the missing book.
I decided that I would just not ever check out anything again because I didn't want to pay the $40-something dollars for the book.

Fast foreward to today.
Twas a lovely day outside, so a coworker and I decided to walk to Smoothie King which is not far from our building.
The State Library is on the way.
We passed the book drop.

My coworker asked if I had looked on the shelf to make sure the book was indeed missing.
Grand idea!

I didn't remember which floor to go on, so I checked the online catalogue.
Lo and behold, the book says "Checked In".
I hurriedly checked my account.
No balance.
Zero items checked out.

Oh happy day!
I feel like I got punk'd by the state library.
But at least I don't owe them $40.00.

I may have woken up this strange German Shephard dog with my excitement.

Who leaves their dog outside the library anyway?

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