Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 8

Day 8- Short Term Goals for this Month & Why

So, I'm going to toatally pretend I didn't blog yesterday because I knew today started a new month. So, March, what do you have in store for me? 
  • Finish up my dining room wall.
I've had an eclectic-gallery-style idea for this wall for quite a while now.  This area is between the living room which has a large bay window, and around the corner is the kitchen, so there is not much natural light here.  I brightened it up by painting it a pretty light color but it seemed too bland, so I haphazardly put up a few things last weekend.    However, it still looks like this and has a ways to go:
No, I don't think a swiffer is art.  Yes, there is a bunch of junk on my kitchen table.  And yes, some of that junk needs to be on the wall.  I have frames that need to be painted and hung, the "T" is stuck on the wall backwards and with painters tape, and there are thumbtacks without anything on them.  I'm not gonna lie...I'll probably never put batteries in the clock, but it is set for 11:11, which is special to me.

  • De-Winterize
Is that a word?  What I mean is, there are still remnants of the holiday season throughout my home.  This next photo has three things.  Can you find them?
Well, since I have zero photo taking skills, and this picture is from my phone, I'm betting you probably didn't!  So, here they are:

And to the right of the sofa is this:

A random white board which seems to get new quotes made for each season...still showing the words of Mr. Dean Martin. 

These are just the big items!  There is also a white Christmas Tree in the kitchen, undecorated, and a random snowflakey letter near my front door.  I am proud to say that there is no Christmas wreath on my door though.  Thats a positive.

  • Cook Something New
I'm no chef.  I rarely have meat at home.  I prefer making cupcakes to making dinner, but this year, I decided that cooking one new meal a month is my goal.  Hey, its better than nothign!  January saw lentil soup(which I did not like), February had stir fry(I think I was the only person on the planet to have never madeone) which was very good, and March is still up in the air.  Considering I made February's meal on Saturday night, I don't think March will be anytime soon. 

  • Water the Plants
I almost $100.00  last weekend on plants and plant related things. 

Mostly Petunias

I do love these peppermint-patterned beauties!

Some Lemon Zest Petunias

 Hanging Baskets

A hanging planter stand similar to this one, but on sale for $9.99

And boring things like plant food for Carl the Lemon Tree and fire ant killer.  It might not sound like a lot of money, but to me it was a big investment.  My patio is a concrete slab with my house making up one wall and the privacy fence the other three, and I'm determined to make it look better than last year!

I can't believe its the third month of the year and I'm thinking it will be a good one!

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