Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 12

Day 12- How You Found Out About Blogging

My blogging story began when this little gem came into my life.
In August of 2009, I became a first time homebuyer, complete with a mortgage, a tax credit, and 1100 square feet just for me, Beau and Sasha(the Cocker Spaniels).
This was the first time I could paint walls, change fixtures and decorate as I wanted without anyone else's opinion.
I was smitten.
But at a loss of where to start. 
Better Homes and Gardens' website gave my computer viruses. was too slow.
Searching for "living room decorating ideas" on google was pretty useless.
What's a girl to do?
I soon discovered Young House Love, which was then called "This Young House".
These folks were about my age doing all kinds of house stuff.
Even though I didn't plan to renovate my home as they had, I read every post they had ever written. 
Then I looked on their sidebar and followed some of their favorite links.
Bower Power was the second blog I started to follow...and let me tell you...its still one I anxiously wait for every day.
Katie Bower, you never cease to make me laugh!
And your boyfriend is kinda cute too :)
Oh, and this picture kind of gives me baby fever!

Photo Credit to Katie Bower Photography

I have been a blog follower for a while, but only recently decided to start my own.
I was bored at work. 
Good reason, yes?
I blog for fun and about what makes me happy.
And I think I'm pretty funny, so maybe someone else out there in blogland will too.
So thats it,
my blogger story,
all thanks to a mortgage.

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