Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5 "You'll just get in trouble in Atlanta. Savannah would be better for you!"

Day 5- A Picture of Somewhere You've Been To

Orleans Square
Savannah, Georgia

Last September, my mother got press credentials to shoot Slash in Atlanta.  I felt the need for a vacation, so decided to tag along.  We spent one day in Macon, one day in Savannah, and one day in Atlanta.  I will admit that Atlanta was my favorite, but Savannah was pretty.  We spent the day walking around all the squares(it was HOT during the day!) ate lunch at the Moon River Brewing Company and then drove back to our hotel. 
photo from Papillote's website
My absolute favorite part of Savannah was Papillote.  I'm no macaron officianado, but I desperatly wanted to try desperate that we walked all the way down Broughton street the wrong way(closest to our car), then walked all the way back in the 90-something-degree weather because I simply couldn't pass them up.  I tried the raspberry and apricot, and both were stellar.  The person working behind the counter(I think it was the owner) was extremly helpful.  I also ordered tea, which was quite refreshing after our long day walking around in the hot sun and my mother just wanted water which was delivered in a large glass bottle.  Such a great little touch!

If you're ever in Savannah, or anywhere near there for that matter, do stop in!  You will definitely be impressed.

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