Thursday, December 29, 2011

Will This Lady Ever Shut Up About Cards?

Will This Lady Ever Shut Up About Cards?
My office is pretty old.
It began in the early 1800s, so its safe to say that we've been dealing with the public for quite some time.
So, naturally, we get cards around the holidays(sometimes from people we don't even know!).
This card was sent to our office from a company in New Orleans...and all I want to say, is that I'm smitten.
I don't think I belong in the south, but this card screams southern charm, and
The back of the card is my favorite. 
The company that made them is called Scriptura and they also have a very cute shop on Magazine Street.
ps - Scriptura didn't pay me or compensate me for this, but if they want to, they absolutly can.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrap it Up

Wrap it Up
Thats a good motto...and oh so versatile!
Applicable for long-winded professors, fraternity boys at Bogie's and holiday gifts.
This here is gift wrap central.
AKA guest room.
AKA place stuff goes to die.
And this is after I cleaned(sort of).
One day, this room will be clean and cute, but until I get some REAL motivation, its staying builder beige.
Pretties and twine and ribbon and bows make a happy Brandi!
$0.49 birthday bags from Target are perfect for holding the "necessary" gifts.
And then stuff everything into a laundry basket(from my big sis in sorority!) and take it home...all wrapped up.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Holiday Home

My Holiday Home
My holiday home has been internet-less and camera-less...thus the bad blogging.
Not to mention its the holiday season & not much gets done anyways.
I'm currently at CC's coffee blogging away while drinking a cafe au lait wearing my I-have-a-big-ass pants with wonky air-dried hair since I ran in the rain this morning and then took a shower.
That was a run on sentence...but I hope you get a good mental image thanks to my bad grammar.
Anyways, today you'll get a peek into my holiday home.
Maybe tomorrow you'll get a post about gift wrap.
Then maybe Wednesday you'll get a post about something random again.
And now, without further adieu, my Christmas decor, brought to you by my fancy schmancy Canon T2i...which, btw, I love.
Owl ornament from House 129

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Alive

Still Alive

I'm still alive.
Just camera-less until my new Rebel comes in.
I need to finish wrapping gifts.
I need to clean my guest room.
 I need to drink some water.
I need to eat some more fruits and veggies.
I need to run tonight.
Need Need Need.
Here's some pretty gift wrap ideas which are not blah.
The Sweetest Occasion
Thompson Family Life
Two Shades of Pink

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

I have been contemplating purchasing a better camera for a while.
I've had my Kodak C813 since about 2006. 

For what it was, it wasn't too bad.
This camera took pictures for me in college.
Later, I realized that I could fool with some white balance and focus and exposure compensation.
I've been talking about a new camera for a week.
Then I went to turn on my Kodak yesterday...
No, thats not an artsy picture of some telephone poles.
Its my broken screen.
I even went to make sure it wasn't the batteries...and the battery door fell off.
If thats not a sign, I don't know what is.
Now, this little mister is shipping to my door

Canon EOS Rebel T2i !
My mom has a Nikon d40 & d90 and is a professional concert photographer and music journalist.  She said either a Nikon or a Canon would be fine for what I want and the cost was pretty similar.
A co-worker has the T3i, which I played with, and I generally lean towards Canon photos rather than Nikon, so I opted to get the T2i because of a.) price and b.) its basically the same camera as the T3i, but without some video capablities and without a swivel screen. 
I am super excited.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The LAST post about cards

The LAST post about cards

Because I'm done.

Monday, December 12, 2011

After Christmas Deals

After Christmas Deals
After Christmas 2008, I purchased the tan and green recycled paper cards from Target and I'm just now getting around to using them for the Angel Card Project.  A steal at $2.00 for fourteen.
The "Cheers" card is from Target 2009.
I only have one left.

Does everyone keep one card from each pack...or just me?
Man, I like blogging about cards. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Glitter Face, Glitter Butt

Glitter Face, Glitter Butt

  • 2:57 pm
  • I like this photo.
  • It is blurry, but I look small.
  • I like looking small.
  • I like that I am small.
  • Before I lost weight, I really wanted to be that little girl, and while I'm not that little(this girl has hips & a caboose & with this yellow bra, I'm kinda boobalicious), I am happy with my size.
  • Four(4) is a good number.
  • Gray is my favorite color.
  • Coke is my favorite soft drink.
  • Blue powerade is my favorite powerade.
  • Sequins are my favorite clothing adornment...with a ruffle and an emrboidered area close behind.
  • Glitter is not always the best clothing adornment.
  • I may have participated in the more special TSA search because the metal detector went off before my flight to which the TSA officer said..."do you have anything in your back pocket?" which I said, "I don't have a back pocket,"(I was wearing my I-have-a-big-ass yoga pants)"but there's glitter on my underwear."
  • My supervisor told me this morning that I have glitter all over my face from helping decorate the office Christmas tree.
  • My supervisor asked me three hours later if I even tried to get it off.
  • No...the answer is no.
  • Glitter makes me happy.
  • Katy Perry too.
  • 3:07 pm

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bruce the Crossdresser

Bruce the Crossdresser
Big Pink Minnie-Mouse Bow
Big Pink Flamingo-Costume Skirt
Sparkly Lights with just a smidge of bokeh.
My Bruce.
I love him just how he is.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Old Fashioned Letter

An Old Fashioned Letter
I may not be the best pen pal, but I do enjoy a handwritten letter.
I'm a member of postcrossing, and each year I send out holiday cards to both my friends & family, and people from The Angel Card Project.
What is The Angel Card Project, you ask?
Well, their website best explains it, but in a few words, a man organizes a list of lonely, elderly or downtrodden folks(submitted by their loved ones) who could use a little cheering up, and then the address list is distributed to volunteers who send holiday cards out.
This is my third of fourth year in a row to participate, and usually I send about twelve cards. 
Last year I kept my list of who I sent to to compare to this year.
This year, I purchased my cards from Vista Print...along with matching address labels and some business cards for A Brandi Sized Shop for a pretty good price(under $15.00)
  If I hadn't gotten my matching address labels for next to nothing, I would have purchased more from the bohtieque etsy shop, like I did last year.
And you can't mail anything without postage, so I needed some stamps.

Shout out to the USPS for making these cute stamps.
Now that I have all my things, I can start mailing.
Twenty points for me...I've already mailed out to my mom & grams and my fantastic stylist(Erin!)
PS - Did you know that if you go to the post office, you can write your check out to "post office"...I wonder if when you go to Whole Foods, you can write your check out to "store"?
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