Wednesday, February 17, 2010

About Me

{ About Me }

I'm so happy that you found my little corner of the internet...I guess you clicked on this so you can find out a little about me and my blog.  Well, here goes:

My name is Brandi, I'm 5'0"{thus the Brandi-Sized},I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I have a degree in Physical Geography.  I'm pretty sure I don't belong in the south, and would like to move to a more liberal part of the world one day.  Until then, I'll be in the Red Stick.

I'm single.  Most of the time I like it.  Sometimes I can be upset about it.  Just depends on the day.  I'm pretty much in love with life though, so don't worry about any, "oh, woe is me, I'm a single girl in the world of mommy blogs posts.  I have all intentions of being a mother one day though, so if mister right doesn't show up by the time I'm 35, I am completly at peace with the fact that I might pick Mr. Right's sperm out of a book. 

I have two Cocker Spaniels named Beau and Sasha and they are my heart.  I call them "The Bears", so don't worry that I have a Grizzley sleeping on my sofa either.

Some things I like:

House decorating, mid-century modern things, vintage things, the city, my dogs, lunch, sandwiches, photoshop, photography, mascara, being short, having messy hair, running long distances, gold jewelry, my etsy shop, my dentist's office, cake, coffee and schnuggling{like snuggling, but better}.

Some things I can do without:

The color red, conservative opinions, people who cut in line at the grocery store, roses, diamonds{what??}, most country music, bad Mexican food, Wal Mart, being sick, and crappy relationships.

I'm not sure if you needed to know any of that. 

Did you need to know that my blog is mostly me trying to find ways to make my 1,100 square foot condo into a home I love?  Did you need to know that I sell vintage things and yarn wreaths over at A Brandi Sized Shop?  Did you know that I post sporadically and sometimes its not interesting?  I don't blog for money, so I try to keep it interesting...and sometimes, life just isn't interesting.  Its wake up, go to work, go running, eat soup for dinner, take a shower, start over.  And thats okay.

Well, whatever you are doing here, please stick around.  Sometimes I'm funny.  And I like having company. 

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